Things to do in the winter

In winter, when temperature drops below freezing and frost covers the rivers and meadows of Soomaa, we invite you to go ice skating, skiing and kick sledding.

We highly recommend exploring Soomaa in the winter because during this time,you'll see the charm of Estonian nature from a completely new perspective.

Of course, a warm sauna and delicious meals are especially valued in winter. Although the days are shorter, there's still plenty of time for an enriching visit to a museum or for some workshop, if you wish.

The most exotic residents of the Soomaa region - the alpacas - aren't afraid of the cold, and Alpaca Farm welcomes visitors even during the winter season.

Soomaa Turism MTÜ ühendab Soomaa turismipiirkonnas tegutsevaid ettevõtteid.

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