Bicycle Tour from Pärnu to Soomaa National Park

On the bicycle tour, you will see beautiful architecture and get to know the roots of the Estonian people while cycling on tracks along the beautiful nature.

On the bank of River Pärnu, you will find the Pulli settlement, which is known to be the oldest settlement in Estonia. In the center of Tori, you will find the oldest studfarm in Estonia, a manor complex, and the Estonian Soldiers' Memorial Church. Additionally, you will find a mysterious cave – Tori Hell!
The biggest magnet of the tour is naturally Soomaa National Park, which attracts visitors with its diverse nature, various hiking trails, and a cosy visitors centre.


  • Duration: 1
  • Length/Distance: 55.0
  • By bike
Soomaa Turism MTÜ ühendab Soomaa turismipiirkonnas tegutsevaid ettevõtteid.

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