Cider tour in Tori Cider and Wine Farm at the edge of Soomaa

During the tour, which has received the EHE quality mark, we will introduce the organic cultivation of fruit trees, the process of turning raw materials into cider and wine.

Fruit and berry wine has been made at the Tori Cider Farm since the beginning of time. The people currently living there are inspired by the experiences of their ancestors and value the fruits and berries that grow from the local Soomaa soil, which has a peculiar composition.
The old feral apple tree, which grows in the yard, is particularly special because we use its golden apples with an unusual taste to make the unique Tori Cider Farm cider. We will also visit a genuine Nordic vineyard.

Piesta Kuusikaru farm in Pärnu County welcomes visitors interested in local products and history. 
The restored family farm, established in 1868, now features an organic apple orchard as well as a small food production facility. Piesta products include pure apple juice, spiced apple drink, mint-flavoured apple syrup and slowly fermented apple cider vinegar.

During your visit you will get an overview of the production process, it’s possible to taste some products and to learn about the history of this farm as a fascinating example of the formation of the Estonian nation.

Levikivi farm is located in the beautiful Soomaa region, between Tori and Jõesuu, on the high bank of the Pärnu river. We work with rocks, but we also have a softer side- which is why we invite families with children to visit us.
At Levikivi, children can bring chicken eggs from the nest, make their own pancakes and explore what kind of tasty berries are inside the local pancake jam. Children will find out how jam is made from forest and garden berries.

Homemade pancakes always taste good!
We are happy to welcome little curious guests!

Looking for an unforgettable experience with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances? Step out of the ordinary and join us on the lively Flavors Journey, where taste, company, and adventure blend into one!Experience the charm of delicious dishes with the guidance of our instructor in a fun communal cooking session.
Up to 12 people can try their hand in a new kitchen and environment.
Celebrate significant events or simply enjoy a cheerful communal cooking experience!
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The museum, in which a farm still operates, takes its guests to the former Christmas time, when people did not know Santa and his little helpers yet.
- We will bake bread in the mill and taste it;
- we will feed and pet the animals (our little helpers) in the barn;
- we will eat farm dishes and play traditional games in the threshing barn;
- we will prepare something Christmas-themed in the handicrafts building;
- if there is snow, we will ride a horse.
The programme, which has been awarded with the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality mark, lasts up to three hours, and is suitable for all ages.
The price includes tea, handmade bread, and proper Christmas food can also be ordered.

Come and participate in the Klaara-Manni Honest Horticulture workshop.
Look around in an organic garden and learn tips and basic about organic gardening from a gardener. You will get to know the difference between vegetables grown organically and those which have been treated with chemical fertilizers. During the workshop, you can put a seed in the soil and take the sowing with you. In autumn, you can harvest your crops.
After the tour in the garden, we will prepare handmade lemonade with organic herbs. We also offer snacks made of local ingredients. 

The service has been recognised with the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality mark.

In the museum, which includes an operating farm, we will introduce Estonian food traditions, the effect of seasons on the farm menu, the journey of food from the cowshed and garden to the kitchen, and the principles of C. R. Jakobson in regards to farms and food.

In addition to the food's journey, visitors can also explore in the Kurgja Farm and talk to its inhabitants.

We will play role plays related to the farm family, taste farm foods, and have a hearty Estonian lunch.
The programme has been recognised with the EHE (Genuine and Interesting Estonia) quality mark, lasts for 2.5 to 3 hours, and is also suitable for children.

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